What You Need To Know About True Grit Epic

Coffee coffee, oh, hi. How is ya, so I just got an email for my buddy Tyler, who was heading out to True Grit epic in a couple of weeks as am? I's going to race I'm going to film. He is a pretty badass, 50, plus masters, racer in cyclocross Road. And now Mountain. He emailed me a few questions. So I am going to answer the questions for him, which may prove useful for some of you, except for the net.

What else? Alright? So he has three basic questions. First, one is classic tire choice. He's, basically. Asking should he run faster, rolling tires without sidewall protection lighter tires or higher volume tires with more tread basically I would go at this race I would go with higher volume, burlier, tread, not super import you're, not digging into the surface there, but higher volume for sure it's a chunky course, it's a Ledge there's, lots of rocks there's, very little pavement, except for at the start/finish very little and very little like straight-up fire road. So I would go with a higher volume.

Lower tread tire with sidewall protection, I don't think, there's, not really a lot of pure climbing there's, not a really wide open stuff. So going with an aggressive mountain bike tire is not going to hold you back question. Number two. So he says, I'm a big hydra tor, you know, sometimes going to be a big hydra tor, you're also, big sweater, dude, big sweater, you know, I, don't know, it's, wrongly, I sweat, a lot to it.

No, no it's, just my nature. So I'm, a big hydra tor and I swear by my Camelback, which I will wear there. Anything else you can tell me on the aid stops. Yeah, I mean, I would, I mean you can run a Camelback or hydration pack Osprey pack what-have-you, just because I mean, some areas are really technical.

Ah, you can run a hydration pack. I, don't think it's, necessary, I think the aid stations you're hitting them twice per lap. So the format of this race is - I think it's, 45 mile is laps. And the big kids do two of those I think you're hitting the aid stations at least four times per laugh. I. Believe maybe more, maybe there might be more out there, I, don't know, but look on the website if you're worried about it, but you could start with a bottle and a couple gels in your pocket. And you would be fine it's, not going to be super hot.

It could be a little warm might be cold at the start. Yeah. But there's also there is like there's a huge portion of the course where you can feed, you can drink. So there will be sections where you won't really be able to grab a bottle or take a gel. On, but, but there are going to be there's going to be a spot down the road. So don't worry too much about it.

So either way run a hydration pack if that's what you're comfortable with or not it's, not necessary. This isn't a backcountry race, it's, it's. Well, supported the final. And most interesting question is, if you were to get there, two days, early, which I do and could ride one, or maybe two parts of the course you would ride what all right. So I think there are three parts of the course we're going to do.Then in descending order here that you need to check out, or you should check out if you want I'm, not going to tell you what to do when do that I'm, not a guy I'm, not that guy. Alright, so first off, pretty easily.

Accessible is barrel roll up here. This is the start/finish. This is a road. It goes right in. And there is a there's a trailhead here.

You won't be able to access on race day, but pre race day. No problem. You go, right? There, there are maps everything tell you exactly where to go you're going to go.

Clockwise on barrel roll, the reason I'd say check this out. This is if you have time, if you have time check this out, but it's a short enough ride where you know you go, you know, do this have lunch? Then you can go back out and check out another part of the course, it's that's.

Not that long it's there. There is like a little of a technical section overall I'd say, like 90 percent, not super technical. But there is this one rocky section back there that back here that you might want to check out or.

You might end up walking a little, but it's, not only going to be super definitive, not definitive. If you got time that is the number such an amazing, the pro graphic, dude, that's number three, three number twos. Number two is I think it's barrel trail. So that's over that's in this section of the course also accessible from the aid station down here. You can kind of maybe backtrack. The markings should be up with you. There are a few days before the race go backtrack from the aid station up until you see.

This super steep thing that you can't possibly climb up, and I believe there was some debate last year, but I believe that is what's called waterfall as you see here, and it's a little it's, a precipitous sort of drop-off again, it's, not it's, sort of like the barrel thing. It's, not if you walk that it's, not going to kill your race if I mean, if you are fighting it out in a group, it could screw? You pretty hard, but uh, you know, but you know, you'll see a lot of people walking it if they haven't. Looked at it prior to the race, so maybe go check that out maybe go check out barrel and waterfall that's number two. My graphics, people are amazing before we get to number three just a note on the rest of the course because you might be going like why aren't you talking about the rest of the course - there's all this stuff over here, it's so much stuff there's, not a lot going on down there. You are once you drop here down through into bear claw.

Poppy that's, sort of just this smooth Snoopy thing. And there's kind of multiple lines, but I don't know if they really matter I've ridden it, and they kind of go this way, and that I would just go like pin it and not worry too much about it. I mean, worrying about it is what's gonna you're going to get lost there's only like one effective trail, although it looks like many trails down through this section. So pin it down through bear claw, and you're going to go back up Turkey.

So that was called Stuckey and that's, really this all this stuff, super. Smooth slight uphill gradient, pretty much all the way to here and not a lot going on up here, you're going to hit that before you go to the aid station up here before you go into barrel roll. So this core this part of the course is where you put the power down it's, where you could recover, or it's, where you crack or whatever I, don't know, but it's, not that part of the course is not entirely worth prewriting it's long and compared to the rest it's a little boring, but you know, but it's where you know. That's where you're rich that's, where you were your pedal hat? Do you put out the watts, dude, I will say one thing?

Okay, I'm getting all sidetracked, but that's. What I do that's? What I do so going into bear claw PPI is a thing here called the three fingers of death, dude, and they're really not that scary. But maybe don't go barreling into them. Blindly. If you haven't looked at them, that's, a super accessible, part of the course, so I wouldn't recommend the prewriting.

If you don't have time, the whole bear. Claw, PPI Turkey thing, but you could go up from that aid stations, same aid station, of course, is wicked, accessible, dude, drive up there's, a trailhead there's, a gate. You go in there I'm off as a map up.

There I think it's about a water tower or something. But you just drop in go look at the three fingers of death. And just choose your line, you know, you can send it a little, or you can roll the stuff it's, not that crazy.

What you don't want to do is if you're really in a race with someone you. Don't want to go in blind, get nervous and then go all the way over to the left, which I see people doing like if you're going in blind, I would say, sort of favor the right side like straight to right as you drop in because the trail is going to go off to the right down in to bear claw. PPI eventually. So yeah, boy, those left lines I think some of them are easier a lot of them still have like little they're, not like mandatory drops and I think enroll any one of them, but maybe go look at that. Possibly. Go look at the three thing is death, they're, not that bad, definitely those bad as a waterfall. Alright?

And lastly, but not lastly Zen. Trail. Zen. Trail is this over here. This map is a mess now, ah, and you access that from this aid station, the famous aid station here, and you're going to do that what's that what's that counterclockwise you're going to go that away. My Subaru Forester will be over here.

Packed in the desert, dude on the BLM land. So, ah, you know, you see me come say, hi don't, be a stranger, dude, This it's, a pretty it's, a's, not like a super hard technical. But it's like there are multiple lines on a lot of Zen trails up and down, and you're kind of going to want to pick them. And there are things that are slower there are things where if you come into them, and you don't know, they're coming, you might come off your bike, and you might be walking, or you might be confused a word.

On course, markings is this is like the opposite of heads-up riding. This is heads down riding because out there it's rock. It's desert, there's bushes and piles of rocks.

They can't, you know, it's, not like the East Coast where they are in East Coast or mid westernmost normal places where you can put an arrow on a tree to tell you where you're going no, they put like a ribbon on a rock or a bush. And you have to be looking down kind of or ahead to see where those are. So people do get lost. But it's, mostly because, they're, not paying attention. The course is really well-marked, but it's marked differently than what a lot of us.

Are used to especially, you know from the East Coast out there, I guess you're used to it that is number one. Number one spot to check out is Zen trail. Check out Zen.

Trail. Number two is gone. Look at the waterfall area number three is barrel roll and I guess number four would kind of be like the whole back side of the course, the whole bear call poppy thing, which, you know, isn't, isn't, really that complicated. You can figure it out on race day.

Don't worry about it. You know, you also if you're doing the. Big race, you got two laps. So you screw something up. The first lap you're going to figure it out, but Zen trail is complicated enough where you might screw it up. If you had five laps, you might still sky, still screw stuff up, and I've ridden. If I don't know, a dozen times.

But anyway, I hope that was somewhat in FAM'LY t'v and uh, you know, hit me up in the comments. If you got more questions, I would be happy to answer them to the best of my ability I'm, just telling you what I know, personally, I, don't know, Other people might know other things, and they might uh might have differing opinions. Have you done this race? And you've got uh, you know anything to add to this put in the comments, be nice as always alright. Thanks for watching guys.

See? You later.