What Is Up With The Stiff Dave NO Gardening Club

We have to have a little of a little talk, no we don't. Yes, we do. Yes. We do honey. No we, yes. We do no, no it. You have to why because I love you what's that got to do with that everything, no it's about shed wars.

What about shadow? Well, don't well me, well, john and Robert have some questions about the stiff, Dave, no gardening club, and they would like to set up a meeting to discuss that with you why? Because they have questions talk to my president, you haven't even asked your president yet, if. She'll be your president, oh, do you think maybe you should do that? I bet you're already good I'm done.

You don't want if it's, not my club. No you're. The one who started this organization, no, no, no you're. The one who said that you were starting to stiff, Dave, no gardening club saying that you did. I have it on video where uh it's on our channel. .

You don't believe it. Okay, let's. Go. Watch. If I'll. Go find it for you.

I started my own thing. No gardening at all no gardenia. It was stiff day. Robert. Had a video out today, um talking about the clubs. And he says something, I know it is up in the air about Dave leading a club. We may have to have someone else take it, but there may be something Dave wants to do with it.

So he left it in his video. No, I wouldn't do anything. Well, you mean, you don't want to do nothing. No, you said, you wanted to have a sticker he's going to have it's, no gardening difference or whatever club. They can have that. Yeah, if they want that they can have that I can have that me. Mean, I do know club done what about the stiff Dave, no gardening club.

That's all it is you don't have to garden. You don't have to go. You have to do.

Nothing sit around drink coffee, tell lies how's that is that all you're going to do that's all we're going to do no. Maybe I didn't start this in the first place you did what do you mean you did? Did you not just hear that? Oh, give me a break.

What do you mean? Give you a break? You said, it that's where people picked up on it? Well, I can't help. They got.

Nothing don't have lives. Well, they do have lives and evidently, they don't join Dave's stiff, Dave club that don't do anything that just doesn't do gardening. I mean, it doesn't do anything all we do is sit around drink coffee and tell lies just like being at work, no well, possibly that's the kind of club they're looking for.

Oh, okay. It'd be the same without you at the lead. I mean, I need nothing. Okay. Well, you could ask trey if she wants to be the president and run things for you, but you have to ask her. You can't just expect her to do it, why? Not because you're not her boss?

Well, I would be kind of, yeah, but you're. Not yet. Oh yeah, I thought she wanted to do it. Well, you have to at least offer her the job I did in one of your other stupid videos. My videos, weren't, stupid, , no you didn't. You just assumed she would do it.

And you called her tray. Her name is trey that's. You guys been calling her all the time. Oh, her sister's name is OK. Oh, well, whatever I think you have them confused. Well, whatever trey is the DIY, and you want her to be part of your club because she's the builder, and you're the builder. No, I just sit around drink coffee and tell a lot.

Well, I don't think trey drinks coffee. So what incentive does she have to come and join your club and run everything? Well, I guess none she is hanging out with you that's pretty special.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. So I'm, not entirely sure where that leaves us with the sip Dave's, no gardening club. I do know that it involves no gardening, unless you. Want to there are no rules. There are no goals.

And I guess all you do in the club is sat around and drink coffee and tell lies so that's, the kind of club you want to join. You are certainly able to you can just go to my channel and join up and that'll be fantastic. Dave I'm sure will be thrilled if somebody joins his club, uh, whether it's going to be it involved with shed wars. Well, that's still to be seen. We will meet with john and Robert and see what they have to say and see if Dave is. Interested, uh, as you can see, he's, not he's, not a super social person, uh, and you'll see more of that coming up in a video soon.

I've got a whole conversation between Dave. And I that I'm just going to put up there. Unedited, you guys are going to laugh. I laughed anyway. Thanks so much for coming and hanging out with us. Today.

I really do appreciate every minute that you come and spend with us, and I'm. So thankful that you're here, uh, if you haven't, you should subscribe because we have a lot of fun around here. And it's always good for a laugh. So there's, a reason all by itself that you should hook up with us.

So I will hope to see you soon take care of yourself. You.