Children it could be the Volkswagen compact. I wrote that makes Nissan kicks accents tremble here, or even the Mazda cx 3. But as there is only one version there is only one price. It means that only a small group of people are able to buy what are their counterparts or rivals of other brands. I would like to say that all the accents. But this is false only lackey ex.

Punk accents is a rival for my bus. If you are interested in more equipped or more austere accents, they are not rivals for me, you on the. Other hand only Nissan kicks in platinum version.

The most equipped is in the same range as Volkswagen. And you if you want one more kicks to you or that same clicks, but more equipped, they are not rivals for my taste. The same thing happens with Mazda cx, 3 where Volkswagen and bus are to you for you in price with the top of the range version of cx 3, but not the other versions that have lower prices because then buy a Volkswagen vivas and not the one that hits Nissan kick. Ks, x3 were attached to.

Suzuki, vital door guides without letter than the Chevrolet captive or any other in this price range. Well, you buy one and you because you are looking for the best cost-benefit ratio. And because you love the Volkswagen design of shopping, because you want the 10- inch screen in the fully digitized instrument, cluster. And why do you want the screen also big for infotainment? Another 10 11 inches are not seen with android auto appear play reverse camera and a lot o things you buy it because it has r. Dar adaptive auto cruise control front and rear collision warning and assistant cross traffic, blind spot sensors and alerts windows power mirrors, leather or leather, touch seats, I'm, not sure what I think is your skin with a sportier and more stylized cut that really suits you supports the sides of the torso on top of that. The ignition is with a single button.

There is a driving mode ti manual. And if we return it and lower it, there is driving mode. It is because it runs how much it pulls.

We will see. It later in the acceleration test, it will be 100. But first we are going to see the autonomous braking test that always makes me nervous tip to make.

It runs. We go in parts. The first thing is that the seat belt must be placed for you. And for the other people who go the second is to put Kim in reverse. The camera is activated in the sensors, and we release our foot from the brake.

We start to reverse not as we would normally do it when we approach an object from behind my foot and there it welded, but.It stops at the last beggar instant. It feels horrible, but it also stops the system also has this same function. But for the front part of made the information false, someone says that it brakes only at city speeds while at highway speeds, it prepares the brakes emitted a little, but does not come to a complete stop I.

Don't know, I should try it in another video like my people's its creepy, when you're here doing it, because they do it at the last minute, but if it stops by itself so that's. Excellent assistance, which is good to have and not need instead of needing and not having always said it in terms of size. It is wider than titles. It is wider than two tells wider than Toyota.

Raise? There is a shot in space with Chevrolet groove. There is also a closure in space and with Nissan kits and what accents, although its design reminds us more of a sports vehicle, or with slightly longer lines a little closer to the ground. Because if the height of the book from the ground is a little.

Higher than a sedan higher than polo higher than virus, but It is not as tall as a Tiguan, for example, like Pons, Valenti 2, itself. If. You look from the outside, neither you nor the bus looks more like a full-fledged, crossover. The. Other problem it could have is the engine, because this is a 1 engine., .0, liter three-cylinder.

And currently there is a lot of prejudice against three-cylinder engines. Now, this is a turbo engine that in theory should deliver better power than the naturally aspirated. Engine and I have to admit that I had certain prejudices about an engine, turbo three-cylinder 1.0 in a vehicle of this size.

The truth is that I thought it was not going to pull forcefully that it was not going to run strong. But happily I can say that when I put sport mode on the lever and put my foot down it pushes and kicks. It has a rich little, kick the truth hits more and with more force than clicks than crane, and maybe I pull a little more forceful, compared to the version that accents, the. Naturally aspirated engine, because that is the version that is in this same pressure range, new leg photo. And the answer is almost immediate since it is someone who takes to the red line and pushes quite well. But obviously it is necessary to see how long it takes from 0 to 100.

And what can be its maximum acceleration something that we are going to test later, but safety, six airbags in traction control to avoid skidding stability control to avoid rollovers electronic distribution of brakes. Emergency brake assistant prepares, the brakes in case of that you touch the pedal suddenly like this and apply additional braking pressure. So that you can defend yourself more safely, There is also the assistance that you saw at the beginning that brakes almost alone, the structure of the reinforced, monohull excellent qualification in the crash tests and all the reliability and durability of a Volkswagen that is to say that your family will always be safe on that side. But what blows my mind is.

That in this unique version, it has precisely the radar, the adaptive cruise control and the semi braking assistance, autonomous in case of emergency. And that is something that the others in the same price range do not have air ac Completely digital conditioning, which I quite like, behind the wheel. We find paddle shifters, third, fourth, not bad, We just need to measure its performance in the acceleration test, But first we go to the question and answer section, man, how nice to have you on the. Show, Gonzalo was ready very clever, what people say, so I want to excel in what aspects it stands out compared to its competitors, especially highlighting the 1.0 three-cylinder, turbo engine. Good power. It does not lack on bottom leg, highlights silver pockets.

This is rich and I would even add active security to some. This is They. Do not have the same price, It is a small plus, a trunk much larger than that of the competitors, two seats on a folding two in the back, which means that it can have more. Storage space and the trunk is also deeper. Long inside Sanchez and Sanchez. But it is long inside and also down because it has. And as a double-deck, very, bulky things fit a lot of space in this chamber.

They can create two rocks if it has the dimensions to be considered an axle or the most considered as a coup-style hatchback in length, width and space, I would say that if they have the size to be considered a true, climb in ground clearance is where I consider it to be more like a crossover. But in that sense, it is also remembered to live like the Subaru xv. For example, as it is a monocoque and does not have a chassis technically. It is a crossover.

But due to size today, many vehicles that are crossovers are already called their bus. So you can call it what you want, and I will say that also in length, it would be like a June, but maybe, if it grows a little, but you are wrong, a meter 400 XL. And EZ of how much does the 0 do asking a very good question. You are about to see the most.

Advanced and we almost reached him, Alan Zambrano other channels report how it costs him to start and drive at various speeds that is so annoying. It is really I do not agree all the time that it has been driving. It seems to me that it is much more responsive than others.

Furthermore, it is more responsive. This accelerator is less governed is that kicks, for example that in a group, they are 12. You go up that are more oriented to saving fuel.

Despite the fact that it has an accelerator that sport mode and putt. Fully and kicks the little screen despite that and that the response is fast, the 1.0 turbo engine makes it saver in itself. So you don't have to govern the accelerator as much, and it's more responsive to me. It seems at least from my point of view. It's also, a truck that at low speeds is quite comfortable power. Furthermore, it doesn't lack as we had already mentioned.

Furthermore, it is surprising and surprising the little harder than it seems. Obviously it is not a type of relay. No. It is not an iron goal.

Golf, GTI. But I expected them to cheer less and no, it is not as poor as expected eye, leis differences between the news and the sister of cross there, if you are going to help us carnal, basically the engine is space in dimensions. And the trunk is much more spacious and cross is shorter.

It has a 1.6 four-cylinder engine, which is a similar engine in displacement to which it can bring certain that are in the same price range as this nimbus, In addition to that, it has active safety, radar, adaptive cruise. Control , semi-autonomous brake assistance with collision, mitigation or collision. Projection, It already has things high level. Cabin Reynoso. They are very similar all the Volkswagen vehicles. I, don't know, I, don't know, which is which with the naked eye from the outside. Sometimes it happens to me.

But this is the difference if it is a little more noticeable on the train and bust cross ITA 2, for example, it loses on a daily basis. He differentiates it a lot, although I cannot deny that they are similar. Although it could be to see in detail, if they change a lot, if it says changing, it is a matter of seeing it more s, often carnal, especially Nan fix. What is that thing? This thing is the baton with which Volkswagen would be giving a Cato razor to all the other brands.

If there were more versions in my opinion, Volkswagen would be killing the market for compact and subcompact CDs and bis I would also say that it is equipped for the price range where there is quite a difference, It is quite large, Quite powerful in the small motor, basically, I have been dragging this type of market, I would like there to be versions that start with a lower price, It would be fantastic if they had the same motor, obviously, because I think that this engine is stellar to give power responsibility at the same time that it is saved. If you are interested in any spirit of 2022, you can separate it with me in they would return from Mazatlan. My name is trailers fix. My number is 36. 92, 23, 31 80 many already have it.

In force thanks to the band that participated in the survey. And we are going to do the acceleration test from 0 to 100. It comes out. Ok. Sports mode. 321 acceleration. This one comes out with force.

It fascinates me that the torque is delivered from 1500 revolutions per minute. And this 1.0 engine, although it has 110 horses, you have almost 150 foot pounds of torque. And it is that exceptional amount of torque that allows you to feel.

So responsive in any speed range, even with three full weights up, how. Are we doing right now the stability is excellent it's, not good it's? Exceptional, because Volkswagen is great at doing this with all vehicles. Good. Shock, absorbers, good suspension, steering electric, and we'll see if we can reach some top speed, 169, 170 kilometers per hour, 17- inch, rim, medium-profile, sports-style tires, 175 up to here.

176 up to here is his top speed, plus or minus 377 on the flat, not bad. But he gets here without any trouble. I can think of Others on motorized climbs are naturally. Aspirated, which can cost them more work in a run like this. This. One is not even a bus because the turbo engine is fantastic for giving you the torque and speed transmission, Siltronic drive sport mode and manual type modes and paddle shifters here above the steering wheel.

Surely we would have done this service faster using the paddle shifters, but not being fair and doing the test as I do with other vehicles of other brands, not bad, not inconsiderable to make a 1.0 tour or three-cylinder engine. That delivers torque from 1,500 revolutions to almost 150 pound-feet like now, and we forcefully overtake the pipe, and it comes out with everything, even if we go uphill, and it is an engine that does not suffer as much at higher elevations above mean, sea level that cool I just need to know its price brother. It is 452 thousand Mexican pesos, 22 thousand dollars less at the exchange rate today and can vary without prior notice, so consult your nearest dealer for that price.

You get an engine with. More re response and more savings than the assaults of the same price as the clicks of the same price that makes it x 3 of the same price. However, it is the only version as there are no more accessible versions of it. It would have to pass testicles and there you sacrifice the engine. There is the question of where Volkswagen could bring us more of these and easily break sales records see you in the next video.