Starting Celery Seedlings And Separating Them, Easier And Better Way To Grow Celery

Hi welcome to asiangarden2table in this video, we will talk more details about growing celery. Settings celery is very easy vegetable to grow. But starting salaries seedling is a bit time-consuming and challenging since French salary is so fragrant and delicious. It truly worth the time and work. We put into the best temperature for celery seed to germinate is 59 to 68 degree temperature to low will slow down germination to high will inhibit germination in warm weather in order to make germination. Faster and better, we should give seed some coat expulsion after soaking, the seed for 12 hours store in refrigerator for 24 hours. Then so NC starter salaries sprout is very, skinny and fragile.

So cover the seat with very thin layer of soil to just enough to bury the seed, keep the soil wet. All the time in one to two weeks salary will emerge. Salaries seed is very tiny. You will see the seedlings are crowded and tiny try to not disturb them when the seedlings grow at least three lives.

It is time to. Separate the seedlings use fingers to pinch the stem together with some root to separate the plaintiff on the plug. It is, ok to break. Some roots as far as the main stem is not damaged.

New root will grow out easily at the beginning. The Citibank grow very slowly. It usually takes more than one and a half month from sowing to growing three to four lives, please be patient and make sure water well and supplement some water dissolve of all fertilizer celery plant can tolerate temperature low to 25. Degree and up to 95 degree since it takes long time to grow seedlings, we should start the seed at least one and a half month before growing season, the best temperature for celery to grow is 54 to 72 degrees, make sure the seedling ready to transplant when the climate temperature falls into optimal range, salary will produce the best flavor and texture few sisters ourselves with potting mix - halfway put one or two plants in a Cell now fuel deceased starter cell, all the way up make sure the root. And main stem are covered and leave the stalks outside. There are great benefits of separating celery seedlings.

It produces stronger seedlings and allow you to grow in garden in proper density with proper plant distance, the celery stalks will grow thick and long with great quality. You will easily find that you have so many settings after separating them from fuel, plugs use mist sprayer to fully water, the Middle after separating them from the plugs add water in the tray to halfway it is. Important for the seedlings, you have enough water to recover from the separation, give them a shady place for the first three to four days, move them back in the Sun after new root grow and tear them like regular settling in about four weeks, celery seedlings will grow stronger and bigger and are ready to transplant in your garden. If you still have extra settling clocks left trust plant in your garden. These plugs will grow very fast and produce vivid stalks and leaves. You can have its young stalks.

And leave very soon. This is all for today in next video I will share with you how to transplant celery Middle and carry them in your garden. And will also show you the growth comparison between separated single plants in the clusters.

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