Hello guys, hello, everyone. Hello. The crypto and d5 fans. Today.

This is another video I'm doing, because I found a new Roy contract on PSC scan, which is called BNB yield, and we're gonna talk about it in a minute all right guys. So basically, it looks a little like BNB stake, which was the first contract of its kind. I mean, the first that that was so popular, and you know, then is that it lasted for like, I know a couple of weeks. And then we have, you know, we have a lot of these new contracts, a lot of. Clones so you know, you'll need to search through all of them, and you know, find maybe some of them which you like I like this one because you know, I like the YouTube contest idea because well YouTube videos are very important for this type of contracts, but it's exposure. They need.

And it also has unique features and that, um, well could prolong its life. You know, so let's review it. So basically they say you can get from 8 to 20 daily, uh, for every 24 hours interest rate will go up by 0.5 percent with. No maximum while withdrawal time will decrease by uh half a day, so it's like similar to formal stake, and I won so minimum day is five 19 days after project launch, and it will stay five. So this is the cup they used and total income based on your tariff plan will be from 8 to 20 daily, plus basic interest rate growing daily. So I guess your investment, your percentage will grow as well.

And the minimum deposit is 0.05 BNB. And there is no limit also they have a rule. So this is the unique. Feature, I was talking about 30 percent reinvest wallet for sustainability whenever user withdraw, and we will talk about it how it works in a minute. Let's also, look at the audit, which was done by haze.

So a good company doing audits. Yeah, that's always important. So you have to pay for that. So, yeah, I'm always looking for audits. And I like that, you know, hey script has done this because you know, that's that counts so more or less.

What is significant for me is like contract owner fees, uh, launch. Date was April the third 16th GMT, so that the fees are five and five so like standard, and it applies on both invest and reinvest functions. So, yeah, this test function will also pay the admin, you know. So, yeah, but you know the guy did it. So yeah, he deserves it. You know, you don't have to join if you don't want to remember I'm, not a financial advisor, only, you know showing you what I think you know, what was my opinion and your own research because you know before you invest because yeah, that's.

Your money, I'm, not your mother to tell you what to do all right. So there are six investment plans, uh plan. Yeah, you know, the profit is floating plans. Yeah, they also have a referral system, which is 10 level deep. So, but the total percentage is 10.5, you know, if you sum it up, and you can get commission without even depositing the product, and which is also a unique feature. Referral commissions are transferred directly to referral wallet. You know so automatically.

And they also apply on invest and. Reinvest function. And if you want to invest, I mean, how does to reinvest system work? So uh, 30 of your withdrawals. When you withdraw like you want to withdraw, one, BNB, you'll, get 0.7 BNB and 30 will go to your reinvest wallet from which you'll choose a plan. And you can reinvest into whatever plan of your choosing and um, yeah, owner and appliance will get commission.

Okay? So the that's, you know, you can read all of it. If you want, uh, you can also go to their telegram channel. You know, just to see, maybe. Ask some questions, you know, talk with the owners you can do that. Yeah, so it's, advisable, this YouTube contest well. Well, in order to take part, you, uh need to follow these rules.

Uh, yeah. But I like it, you know, because this brings exposure and I guess this thing can you know, like a lot of tubers will do these videos, you know to get some extra rewards. And if we go to contract, which I always do, and you should do it as well, you'll see the balance that we have right now, uh. So, yeah, it's its. Growing. Exponentially, it's, it's, it's, very good for the first day.

I mean, it's, not it's, not even 24 hours since launching. You can go here and see, yeah, let's see how much people are depositing. So you know, different quantities. Okay, let's, um, let's, go to the last transaction. So we'll, see how old this thing is? Yeah.

So the first transaction was seven hours ago, so it's, yeah, it's fresh. Okay. So these are the plans and uh, if you choose the first plan, it will pay you that. The total return will be 69, 20. Daily, but you know, take into account the reinvest function. So yeah, it's this. I mean, is it all right?

I guess these plans? Will you know you won't be paid every day? You know, every moment here, because here you can withdraw, you know, freely your dividends, your what you're going to earn accumulate here. But here, deciding these plans, they will compound somehow, and you know, they're like compounded plants, and you'll get everything at the end of the plant. And also when you withdraw you'll pay, the.

Will need to gender, 30 will go to reinvest function. So but only after the plan, because then you will be able to withdraw. So yeah, that's that's more or less how it works. You can also get some kind of presentation here in four languages, which is nice. Yeah. I like when it's, you know, the website and everything works, and it's informative.

And you have a presentation that's, very pleasant, addition, I'm, sure, if it works already, uh, all right, um. My computer is just very slow. I recently my hard drive was just. Broke and yeah, this is a backup. Yeah. So as you can see it's a pleasant presentation, yeah, the referral levels all 10 levels.

Now the first level, which is the most crucial they've done 10 levels, but I know that the four percent is not too high. So I guess it's its not true. And yeah, I like it because you know, the most important thing you know, this is the distinct to spread, and we need people for that YouTubers influencers. So yeah, if they like that, and they should then, you know, this thing can be. Successful okay, so more or less, we cover this. And you know if you are fresh, and you know, don't know how to uh use binding smart chain.

You can, you know you can basically use it on. You require two wallets. I mean, you require a wallet compatible with a BNB be p20 type. So first you'll need to buy it on finance.

And you know, then deposit it to the b p, 20, compatible world, which are, for example, metamask. And the second one I use is truss wallet. But there is also a finance wallet. There is a safety wallet.

And there are many others, but the most the two most popular are metamask and trust wallet just waters is pretty simple to configure just need to add smart chain, b and b to your tokens and then go to that browser and select uh, binary, smart chain. But you know in order to do it on meta mask, um, yeah, wait a minute. Yeah. You'll. Go you'll need to you'll need to add this custom RPC. So you'll go. You will go here.

You will go here. And first, you need to install metamask as and you know add-on to.You're the Chrome browser or other browsers are compatible as well as brave browser, probably, and you'll need to add this custom RPC, the description it will be in the description how to set up, but you know, you'll have to go here and choose custom RPC. And here you'll need to, you know, put everything like like this right? And then it will work. And then when you have, uh, already, you'll need to copy the uh address.

And you know, deposit, bp20, BNB, not the other one. You know, the. The usual type bp2, the bb21 you'll see the special field and finance to, you know, because it is the address will be like Ethereum so that's, what you need to do in order to start you're going to go to twitter you're going to go to telegram. You can ask questions, you have them. I know, that's more or less said, I guess maybe I'll do an update video soon to show you my progress. Yeah, guys, just do your own research.

Remember, these things will go will work until, you know, there is balance and right now. The. Balance is going very nice. So that is why I decided to go in because you know, I'm, just I just, you know, I looked at many platforms that are starting in this one, and I'll. Just I found it very interesting because of unique features.

It has all right, guys, take care. If you like this video, please give me a like, and I'll. See you soon.