Knifeboxing Tutorial

Hello, this is vampire here to talk about knife boxing. Okay, uh. First things, first let's, put the knife down, um, yeah, we're starting this way, just because so many people focus on the knife, and they're trying to cut and slash so much that it. Um creates a disconnect where the weapon is no longer a part of the body. Okay. So put the knife down for a second it's. Okay, you can always get to it.

And then the next thing is let's, put on some gloves. If you have some the reason for this is its kind of like when. You're training with a karate ghee when you put it on, and it makes the noise that noise kind of helps you go.

Oh I'm, throwing the punch correctly or not you can kind of hear it and feel it. So it's kind of like that. So that's, why I do recommend the gloves all right next thing is if you got some music, put some puts on put on some music, and you want to be light on the foot just moving around so that you can move. Move move move around.

So on your toes, very light. Okay. And then from there, the footwork. To me is something I view as techniques, okay.

So from that just being light and mobile on your toes from there, you could put in the footwork that you know. So just being light like this, and you should be going towards their back, especially for a self-defense situation because that's safer to be on their back, so you're aiming for their back. If you want to be offensive, then go towards their front, but just be light like this. And then from here, you could put in for example, pendulum and then go back. Like this from here, and then that is a switch step, okay, or you could move out to the outside and then here's a strike there's my pivot. So from here, my pivot right there, okay and here's body shifting and then go back. So you could practice the different footwork techniques that you know mix it in there.

So next, I want to go into punching and there are two types of punching combos. Okay, number one is this one right here, we're going upwards upwards upwards. Okay, to do it. I want you to relax the arms and think of it kind of like as a whip so okay, see I'm going upwards, upwards just throwing your arms out there like a gorilla, swinging its arms. Okay. So relax and let the momentum see let the momentum take over. It doesn't have to be low like that see I could go high, and we're going to do a three count.

Okay, start with the right one. Two three. So the third one is going to pack a little more power. One, two, three, okay. So light on your foot like so okay, light on your foot.

And then you explode right? Right? There see the last one finishes with a little more power. Now you can switch to where the left hand. One, two, three, the left hand is going to finish so one, two, three.

Okay, right here. Body shift right here you don't have to, but I'm just saying, it's, nice to finish strong. Okay, the other pattern we're going upwards. So now we can go downwards right here. Okay, like a whip, relax, relax, right here. So same idea with the combinations we want to explode into the.

Combinations, not up one two, three, not, not like that. I want to I'm going to explode into it. Okay. So once again, with whip motion whipping that arm out right here. So right here, one, two, three, just like that moving around light on the toes. Once again, okay, body shift check.

And of course, we can switch to where the left side starts. First one, two, three, okay, right here. And then we can combine it with the first one. So you can go right here. Move right here.

And we can add Filipino martial arts movement. So after you right here, okay, so that's, the up the double arm swing two one two. So after a combo right here that once again is we do this with the sticks? See the motion from the sticks? So one, two, three, boom, that's, a double stick.

Swing helps us get out. And once again, be light on the foot so that's it for now. Thank you for viewing and take care. Folks.