How To Watch Live TV & On Demand TV On Google Home Hub

Wouldn't it be great. If you could watch live TV on your Google home hub. Well, my friends, yes, you can as well as on-demand TV.

Now as I'm UK base, I'm going to be concentrating on UK channels. But the principle of this will work in the US as well. Let's. Take a closer look open. BBC iPlayer. My apologies I don't understand.

So the Google Home Hub, doesn't really have apps as such it. Doesn't have anything built-in. So it hasn't got the player app. So you might think that you can't watch TV, but you can.

Cast it from your device, whether it be your phone, or whether it be your tablet, just as I'm doing here. Now, the other perfect thing with the BBC iPlayer app is that you can actually watch live TV. Whereas some other ones you can't, but I'm going to show you how you can do a work round to enable you to watch live TV. So as you can see that's working brilliantly in the background, and that screen will just clear in just a second there. You go, and it's, a perfect image and sound sync is not a. Problem at all now with some others, so with ITV and certainly with 4od, you do get the issue with live TV. But as I said, I'll show you a workaround for that.

So at the moment, if I go in and cast to the kitchen display now that means that I can go on to anything which is on demand, and it will work. Absolutely fine. So if you're looking at an on-demand service, this will work brilliantly casting it to your home hub, but it won't work with live TV.

And it starts. You can see you get that warning on. Your phone saying, sorry, we can't cast our live service, and you get exactly the same when you're trying with all four. But again, you can go into any of the demand channels. And if I start one, for instance, just to show you select an episode, and as you can see it's starting and is working absolutely fine.

So all the on-demand channels you can do, but you can't do live TV with certain ones. So that means you need to have a workaround now. So I thought that that might be through TV catch-up. But when I. Went into the app, it didn't give me the option to cast at all.

But there is a service which I can show you in a second while we're on the point here. Now, one of the main things on the main problems with the Google Home Hub is that you don't have that facility to search for instance, on YouTube, whereas now having this ability to cast to your device you can go in, and you can search all of my videos. And then you can have them on the phone the list of them. And then when you go in and select one, which. Are doing just a second for you, you press play, and it will appear on the home hub.

So it's, a great workaround for YouTube too. But now let's look at a workaround for live TV. Now there is an app which you can download on your phone called webcast it's for Chromecast, and it's designed to work with Google Chromecast. But it will actually work with the display as well, and I'm sure this will work in the States with your live TV service as well. So just download the webcast for Chromecast application and.Then, if you try a website, you can see what the actual web address bar at the top where you can go in and type in a web address.

So I'm going to go back to that TV catch up. But this time I'm going to be going to the web browser type in TV catch up com log into that. And as you can see I can press on it now, and that will stream directly to the display as you can see, that's, working absolutely fine, no issues at all. And if I just try one of the channels which wasn't working previously. So this is ITV and. As you can see that is now streaming to full display on your Google, Home Hub.

And this one is the live channel 4. And as you can see that's working too, right, there were a couple of limitations. And let me show you and tell you about those right so, working without any issues at all straight from the app. You could cast BBC channels and BT sport, and that would be live and on-demand services.

And then also you have the addition of ITV on-demand and for on-demand. So you couldn't do the live channels, but. You could do the on-demand service now casting via the webcast app. We were able to get ITV working with live TV and also channel 4. But there are a couple of services of which we couldn't get working with either, and they were Netflix this didn't work at all.

We couldn't get connection and also any of the sky channels. But there you guys that is a little work, hopefully for you to be able to watch live TV and on-demand TV on what is already a brilliant device, the Google Home Hub. Thanks for watching. This video, as always my friends and I will see you on the next one you.