Equifax Class Action Lawsuit: How To Get A CASH Settlement

Equifax got hacked everyone you're talking about, oh, my gosh, honey. $25 is great. This is awesome. But in reality I'm kind of mad about this entire thing and here's why?

Because yes, he got sued for Ron, threw in a million dollars, but I'm only getting back a hundred twenty-five dollars up to twenty thousand dollars dependent on how much it actually affected me right now. Here's. My thing guys, if you don't know, Equifax got hacked back in 2017 or something like that. And now that was you have to pay out three.A Million dollars to everyone out there, but in reality, it's only about $125 per customer.

But in reality, also, they only have around 31 million dollars in a cash pool. So she shares around across all the Americans are actually impacted. Now, what does this mean? It means actually only afford to pay around two hundred and forty-eight thousand people meaning that they really can't pay out so much money to everyone that was actually impacted.

Now, what does this mean? It means guys that you probably won't be. Able to get your cash settlement now here's. Another thing it also means you have to pick between, you know, credit monitoring software or the cash settlement. Now, I, personally, I'm going to tell you exactly in the video, which one want to pick and why she should stick around for that.

But I really want to share with you in this video. Three stories of three people that are impacted by this entire thing. I'm going to tell you exactly what happened to me personally, because my information was hacked was leaked and. I'm kind of about it and I don't really care about $125 at this point. Okay. Now, the first thing is this guys, you guys, don't know, me - I'm Bryson I'm, an accountant and I post on YouTube every single day. Yes, I said, the contents virtual chat with abrogation, but you can notify every time I post, a new video on top of that hit the like button, where you add it really appreciate it and I want to show you guys a question have you checked if you were impacted by this, if you haven't already make sure you.

Check the link down below, I have a link there to show you if you refractor or not because again, if you were impacted, you do deserve some type of compensation if you weren't affected, great, it's, awesome, man, you weren't affected. But if you were make sure you actually check it, because if you just think, oh, my gosh, I, didn't, got impacted. No make sure you check because you never know, and I never thought I would have been impacted.

But in reality I was infected by this entire thing. Now, the first I want to. Clarify is this guys I have free source for you. And the first thing is this I didn't think I was affected I didn't. Think it was a big deal until I actually understood exactly what actually happened here when that a breach happened your, so she's, pretty out leaked everything about you actually got leaked. Now, what does this mean?

Guys? It means number one identity theft now, here's, what happened with a friend of mine? You get a letter in the mill for collections for around $15,000. And he was like, okay, What is this? He called me up, and I said, okay, you probably owe somebody some money you should have paid it. Now. Look at it when two collections in effect, your credit score, he told me, hey, Tommy, no, this is not me.

It's. Not mine, I don't understand what's going on I said, okay, what's the information on it. Well, he tells me, hey, you know, as she got a loan in Florida that I never took out I was like. Okay. What do you mean? Well, in reality, someone took his identity and Social Security and took a loan for him. In Florida and he's never ever been to Florida.

So reality, he got sued or sent to collections for around $15,000. Now he has to go to court for this. Yes. He did. And in reality, when he went to court, he said, okay, I've never been to Florida in my life. You're, the tickets.

Okay. I've. Never been there ever ever ever is no proof at all, and they told him, I, hey, okay, you were actually free. We can't do anything about it because in reality, it wasn't you so everything that was actually discharged. But in reality, Guess what it's pretty scary to think about like, hey, someone could take a loan in my name. Someone could take some money out, and I wouldn't, even know at all credit cards, open them up and whatever you use them all the time.

And the next thing, you know, you owe all this money, but you never even used it in the first place. Okay, by the way. Now that I think about it. My girlfriend actually was hacked by this also, when like I think was an order.

This is actually very weird right? But someone actually took. Her debit card information. And then actually, no, she was buying stuff in Arizona, but she's never been to Arizona she's only been to New York.

Okay. So it's, pretty odd stuff. Now here's. The reason this is a huge deal because the dark web. Okay. So on the dark web, they probably sold some ID information like your social security, your full name, your date of birth, your address and also your credit card information. This is all very important information.

Because with this information, they can actually make. An ID for you your social security card, and guess what they can do now you can go to T-Mobile or any store out there and take some phones out under your name. And now you owe all that money and now Verizon or T-Mobile as you taste in you for right now, how do they do it?

They grab your name. You did it birth on all your information like your address. They go to those stores and the showing ID with their picture and your information. And now you can take out whatever they want to take out, because they. Also have your cells created because they have all the information they need on you. So now by the way, we're lucky to live in the 21st century when we have like information and data.

So in reality, if this is happened to you, you just call him that, hey, that wasn't me I live in New York that wasn't me at all like what are you talking about? They probably work with you here and there, then you probably have to go to court or whatever. So it kind of sucks to think about. Okay.

Some of you just go online. And buy my information on the dark web, it's, pretty scary. If you ask me now you might be wondering, well, Tommy what happened to you, it sounds like you have an agenda here? And the answer is, yes, I have an agenda because I actually got hacked.

My Chi's account got locked, multiple accounts, got locked and someone actually bought stuff under my name without my permission at all okay, and it's put in a different state. And they bought like Facebook truck as it was very weird and a bunch of other things right. But here's, my thing I, didn't, really think about it at all, and I was like okay, what's going on here.

It's, pretty odd I thought, honestly that was my fault. But I was like okay, I'm using my credit card for the past like four to five years. This has never happened in the past so what's going on in reality when I checked into our Equifax system. It turns out I was actually affected by it. So I got instantly very about it and here's.

Why? Because I got my money back, yes, because it wasn't me, but in reality, My information is floating around in the dark web or somewhere else. So someone actually has its now. What does it mean?

Musicians take out loans under my name? You can do a bunch of things under my name I'm kind of minor. You might be asking well, Tommy, you get a cache of around $112 is great in reality, $825 for security. It's, nothing. Okay.

Information. You didn't birth like your address it's crazy to be honest, right? So many of this I'll go to your house, and I'll ax. You hey, give me your social.

Security give me your address give me your name, your date of birth, your mom's name, your puppy's name, and I'll give you a hundred and $25 you do it. The answer is probably no you wouldn't. Do it why? Because your information is worth a lot more to you than a hundred and twenty-five dogs. Everyone uses all my, oh my gosh.

This is great, no I'm kind of mad about this. Okay. My information is leaked. I've been affected if you were affected, make sure you got your money back I'm going to tell you right now should.

You take the cash settlements, or should you take the credit monitoring software? But before I do, I want to ask you guys a question have you ever heard about the dark web before comment down below let me know now before I, tell you, if you should take the credit monitoring software, the cache said, I'm, a $425 I'm going to tell you guys a little story, that's, very similar to our situation, and it's this right, Thomas, Edison back in his days. He had the entire lightbulb right? And he had to deliver someone very. Important now he wasn't happy guys he delivered it. Guess what happened? The guys that was liberated actually broke.

It fell down shattered completely into 100 pieces right when he came back to Thomas Edison and told him, Ike, hey, I'm, sorry, I broke it. It was crying like super nervous. Thomas Edison said, okay, no problem.

Here's. Another one go deliver it I trust. You'll get the job done now.

Here's. What happened? The second chair actually asked Thomas Edison? Why would he do that? He broke with the. First and probably the second time since I said, this, okay, well know if you brought it, the first time he's going to be four times more careful now that the issue actually took place. Now what happened is this.

He got the entire package there safely because he took care of it a ton. Now here's, why this is important right? You might tell me, hey, Tommy, if this happened to them, it means that now you're going to double down.

And this hack will never happen again. Now, here's the thing guys, my credit card. Information my identity is not a light bulb.

Okay. So my information says, he hacked, and it's going to be out there forever. Okay, which is insane. If you asked me on top of that I had to change all my information, my passwords double authenticate everything and had to format all my files to make sure I was actually safe. Okay, because I didn't feel safe at all. Now, if you ask me, Tommy should I take the cash settlements or should I take the entire credit mattress off.

If you ask me, my answer is this I'm, not. Gonna trust a person that take my data and let it be breached to actually monitoring my data now, okay, it doesn't make any sense to me. So no I'm, not going to trust them with that stuff.

So I'm going to take my cash settlements. And these are I'm going to do I will be getting credit monitoring software it, but from Credit Karma, because they actually do it for free. Why would I trust a person that actually took my information? Let it be breached?

And now you're gonna security no I want my money back. Okay? And also. If you ask me, well, Tommy at least going to get compensated for it. Well, here's my thing, a hundred and twenty-five dollars for my social security for my address for my ID.

All the information I'm mad about it. Okay. I. Don't care about the money, I'd rather have my information intact and safe.

Okay. Because. I'm, very careful about this all this stuff. But this is what you do when you trust a big company with your information, because if they had 200 information that he leaked out there in the markets, comment. Down below, let me know if you're happy about the hundred twenty dollars, your think should get more you think you get last comment down below, and as always guys leave your watching video, if you liked the video, go ahead and like videos, who gets pushed out there to more and more people because more people need to watch this video, why? Because everyone is excited about the twenty twenty-five dollars in reality, a hundred and twenty-five dollars for your information is literally pennies on the.

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So on the dark web, they probably sold some information like your Social Security, your full name, your date of birth, your address and also your credit card information. This is all very important information because with this. Information they can actually make an ID for you.