Creepypasta: El Furby

And good die-cast IMA thriller. Well, I'll show you this creepy, pasta I, haven't made it because of my link in the description where I found it fur, vies were very popular toys in the 90s, and they barely stopped being produced in 2007, but let's just say, I, truly believe that they should have stopped producing them before many say that the shady ones are malevolent that they are possessed by a force that allows them to eat life. I believe that many stories of their malevolent ones are real based on my. Experiences, I know that my story is real. So you guys, they choose whether they believe in it or not.

But I know what happened when the shady came out like any other kid? I begged my parents to buy me one, and I was happy when they did. And it was fun. I could talk eat dance and sing.

It was all. I wanted as a child I called my factory for a few weeks point for a while. But then he began to develop let's say, an attitude when I wanted to play with him.

He responded like when I asked him do something he said,No, and everything got worse until he stopped reacting. And instead of that adorable expression of happiness, he had he seemed to have adopted a demand. His face looked pink for some reason and I definitely wouldn't see him the same way again, period, even when I tried to feed him. He refused. And if I put something in his mouth, he made a sound like choking and said, I'm, not hungry and that's how it went until one day when I tried to feed him.

He yelled at me with a distorted voice and said, something I. Didn't know, they could say you don't like it. I was so scared. I took the batteries out. Furthermore, I put it in a closet. And I didn't even dare to go near it months later, I had a boiling moment, and I decided to go find my fury. It had been a while since the events.

And I thought that it had only been a mistake in the kitchen of the show and I pressed the reset button and started playing with it. And the doll behaved normally, said, funny things and even danced and sang for to me. But as time went by and I started. To ask him to play like a new one negatively, and when he refused the doll did not want to play. And this made me angry, I, threw him at the wall, and he started making strange noises and movements as if he was malfunctioning I swallowed it.

But to my surprise that didn't work, I thought, I'd take out the batteries, but I was terrified, because of the doll's fever. It had no batteries. In fact, I had never replaced them. And this scares me to date I was terrified, then and threw it under the stairs.

Our. Sofa stopped making noise without moving. So I assumed it was broken.

And I closed the door. I double-checked that the door was locked and went to sleep next to the other day, vaginal cassock to catch the ferry and tell my mom that she has thrown. I checked under the stairs.

And I moved everything that was there. But the fury was gone. I asked my mom had she taken it, but she said, no, and that it hadn't been in the basement for several days. Fur bi point was gone. Eventually, I gave up and stopped looking for my. Family, and I agreed that the doll was possessed, and we are glad that it disappeared. But what scares me is that even more, I know where it is for what I know it could be immediately stalking, though, a part of me thinks once football.

Still scares me to think I once had a future and possessed. This is my story. I know it's not scary. But I assure you, it was 100% real believe me if you want, but you don't have to do it because I know, it's true, I know what happened and as a tip, please don't, buy one of these. Little devils.