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Tell me inspector what this means Colombo, I warned you. I do not believe the student killed your wife. I have absolute proof that at 10am miss Glasgow was handcuffed to a chair in this house, see that clock in the background, you show 10 o'clock. You can see it very clearly. You are a sweetheart you have mistakes, and you are intelligent, but you are unique. Furthermore, you made a mistake inspector you had the photo enlarged.

The wrong way round. The clock does not say, 10, it says, two o'clock get that compare original. Photo then see what a big mistake you made I'm afraid, that's a problem when I was in the darkroom, I helped him with the work from the lab. I accidentally dropped the original into a container with hydrochloric acid, which is that the clumsy attempt to trick me with fake evidence and 1 would never do that.

I'm sorry. That is the photo. You don't need the original photo, the negative will serve the same purpose. Look at the negative in the camera. An inspector is proving. I'm right were you witnessing. What he just did, he witnessed what you just incriminated yourself.

Do you have them camera identified? You could not know the negative was in that one particular camera unless you took the photo yourself. The photo was not accidentally flipped. They say it was done on purpose and hope.